Welcome to the Quantigenics Referral Program

Team up with us to promote our high-quality trading tools made for retail traders of all levels.

Earn up to 50% RECURRING revenue share by referring TradingView subscribers to Quantigenics. We manually review each application to ensure a beneficial partnership.

Increase your earnings while supporting exceptional products that resonate with traders and investors at every level.

Detailed Payout Process & Program Highlights:

Referral Tracking: When you join as a Referral Partner, you'll receive a unique URL for tracking your referrals. This URL comes with a60-day tracking cookie. If a potential customer visits Quantigenics using your link, any subscription they make within 60 days (provided the cookie remains active) will be credited to you.

Commission Structure:

As a Referral Partner with Quantigenics, you are poised to earn substantial commissions through our tiered commission system, designed to reward your promotional efforts and success.

- Initial and Recurring Commissions:

For each new Quantigenics subscriber you refer using your unique referral link, you earn a50% commission. This commission is not limited to the initial payment; you continue to earn 50% on all subsequent payments made by the subscriber.

- Qualified Leads:

A new subscriber is deemed a Qualified Lead when they subscribe to Quantigenics through your referral link. These leads are the basis for your 50% commission earnings.

- Gold Tier:

Upon joining, you are automatically enrolled in the Gold Tier, entitling you to the 50% recurring commission. To maintain this status, you must secure at least 25 new paid subscribers each quarter during your first year.

- Silver Tier:

Failure to meet the Gold Tier's quarterly subscription target by the end of your first year results in a transition to the Silver Tier at the beginning of your second year. In the Silver Tier, your commission rate is adjusted to a 40% recurring commission for 12 months. After this period, these subscriptions will cease to contribute to your earnings.

This structured commission system is meticulously crafted to incentivize and reward your ongoing efforts and success in promoting Quantigenics, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

Payment Timeline:

Commissions are credited 30 days after each payment from your referrals, with disbursements on the 1st or 15th of the following month via Paypal. You must reach our disbursement threshold of $250 to qualify for a disbursement.

Application Process:

Submit the application form below for a review within 24 hours. Compliance with our guide lines is critical, especially for TradingView vendors, to avoid conflicts of interest..

All fields are required. Put N/A for any field that is not applicable.

Important Compliance Notice:

If you are a vendor on TradingView's platform, you may NOT promote Quantigenics products or website on the TradingView platform. You may not link to quantigenics.com in your scripts, ideas, or on any other forum within the TradingView platform. Non-compliance could result in permanent revocation of your TradingView vendor and Quantigenics affiliate privileges.

TradingView® is a registered trademark of TradingView,Inc. www.TradingView.com. TradingView has no affiliation with the owner, developer, or provider of the products or services described herein, or any interest, ownership or otherwise, in any such product or service, nor does it endorse or recommend any such product or service.

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